Abandoned industrial spaces are no rarity in New York, but now it's even easier to plan your next illegal warehouse party thanks to a handy interactive map!

Created by LTV Squad, the self-described "autodidact's guide to urban exploration, adventure and fringe art," the map identifies 50 industrial locations dotted throughout the city, with a link to photos and an extensive description of the site's history accompanying each pin.

"The goal of this map is purely to enlighten everyone to the thick history of NYC that is often hidden in plain sight," the site reads, adding that the list of locations will grow over time. Anyone is invited to contribute to the map via a form posted at the bottom of the page.

Most of the spaces are concentrated in northern Brooklyn and southern Queens, with the northernmost location in Yonkers, and the southernmost in Red Hook. It being Friday, take a few minutes from your job to pick around the photos of some of the warehouses—highly educational stuff. We're certain your boss will understand.

View LTVSquad Industrial Map Initiative in a larger map