(Jen Chung/Gothamist)

"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Pokémon Go, starving hysterical Luring, dragging themselves through the streets at dawn looking for a Gym... angelheaded hipsters burning Incense for the ancient heavenly connection to the Stardust dynamo in the machinery of the night.” Rest easy, Pokésouls, a rental search company in NYC has now created a map featuring all of the gyms in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Presumably if you've read this far you already know what a gym is in the Pokémon Go universe, but here's an explainer from our in-house expert: "Gyms are the large tower locations where you battle with other players. They get claimed by one of the three teams (you pick one at Level 5) and it’s basically the turf wars aspect of the game."

Renthop created this map after not being able to find a comprehensive list of gyms for NYC, explaining, "We decided to build our own... members of our team drove around Manhattan and Brooklyn to map out each Pokémon Go gym in NYC." And by "NYC" they mean everywhere but Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, and a big ol' chunk of Brooklyn...

Check out the map above, or enter your address here to find a gym near you—they found over 200 gyms in Manhattan, and another 100 in northwestern Brooklyn. Have fun staring at your phone this weekend.