Based on our own lousy experience, the life of a freelancer can feel at times like a Tom Petty song as covered by John Mayer —so we do have sympathy for fashion blogger PJ Gach, who has been struggling to get by in the months since she was laid off from her job at Betty Confidential. Things never got this bad for us though: Gach recently took to social media to ask for donations to help her pay her rent. Isn't crowdsourcing for rent kind of ridiculous though?

Gach, who’s lived in the same two bedroom $1700/month apartment in Harlem for 13 years, says she owes $7700 in back pay stemming from the months when she was unemployed. She has since gotten enough freelance work that she has been able to pay March and April rent—she thinks she can pay her rent in the future—but there's still the matter of the money owed. She has no family to bail her out, she's had nightmare experiences with the Human Resources Administration (who refused to help her), and she's terrified she'll lose her dog if she becomes homeless.

But there are certain reasonable things she is unwilling to do that she perhaps should have done first—like, say, get a roommate. Gach told Brokelyn she’d had roommates previously but decided to forgo them after her last one was psychotic, noting she’d rather “have no money and live sanely than be afraid in my own home.” But what about having no money and not living in your own home? There are plenty of people who can attest to the fact that there are roommates out there who are not psychotic. And when you don't have many options, beggars can't be choosers.

So shouldn't one do everything in their power to make extra cash BEFORE turning to strangers on the internet, tweeting at everyone from Page Six to xoJane? When she was unemployed in December, January and February, did she try briefly waitressing or working at a coffeeshop to supplement her lack of income? Did she have a yardsale to sell some clothes? Or is she too good to work menial jobs?

Having said all that, we don't want her to lose her dog, Sophie. The dog did nothing wrong. Pay her money or that dog's blood is on your hands, Internet.