Here's an important alert for anyone who likes sharing Instagramable moments: the iconic Kentile Floors sign in Gowanus will be lit up for one night only this evening. You can get an idea of what it will look like from the projection tests below.

Kentile Projection Test from Tim Bartlett on Vimeo.

Kentile Floors Sign Restored from Tim Bartlett on Vimeo.

Kentile Floors spotlights from Tim Bartlett on Vimeo.

Filmmaker Tim Bartlett has teamed up with George Del Barrio of the Vanderbilt Republic and Karl Mehrer of K2imaging to virtually illuminate the sign for the first time since 1992 via a high-powered projector and 3D technology. The show, which will last about thirty minutes, will consist of "a looping series of site-specific videos/animatics will be presented from sunset onwards." It's scheduled to start "after dark" (BK Magazine points out sunset is scheduled for 7:54 p.m.) and will contain writings by Ralph Ellison, Milan Kundera, Gabriel García Márquez & Henry David Thoreau.

"We’re using the Kentile Floors sign as the projection screen," Bartlett told the Daily News, explaining that the projector will be propped a block away through an office window of K2imaging. "Taking something as landmark status as this, and giving it new life, puts forward an incredible commentary on what is actually possible," added Del Barrio. Make sure to send your best photos and videos of the show to!