At some point in the past year I ended up following an Instagram account for a traveling vintage show called A Current Affair, which frequently posts photos of beautiful bohemian frocks and brightly patterned blouses that I can't buy because they are traveling around in far away cities. This is a good, safe Instagram account, in other words, that can lend to fashion inspiration and appreciation but not lead to you spending any money. Welp, now they are very close to my wallet in Brooklyn. This weekend, this massive curated vintage show has set up shop in Industry City over in Sunset Park.

Tickets cost $12 to $28 and will be available at the door, and once you're inside you'll find items ranging from $30 to $6,000 (check out the jacket in photo 8, that's the money item). We dispatched photographer Sai Mokhtari over there on Friday, prior to the show's Saturday and Sunday hours, and she reported back that there were "no $5 bin of rags here—everything was carefully curated by each booth owner." Click through for a preview.

There are 70 vendors in all, the organizers told Gothamist, "specializing in everything from vintage tees, denim, and workwear to fine and estate jewelry, to designer accessories from Hermes and Chanel." They also noted that they offer items in all size ranges, "although vintage tends to be smaller."

Mokhtari says, "There's so much stuff, so much, it's overwhelming, and a dangerous place for your wallet, especially if you put a couple drinks down first. The average piece was [roughly] somewhere around $150," with vintage tees going from $35 all up to $240, leather jackets from $75 to $300, novelty jackets around $400, and an Oscar de la Renta jacket with a Van Gogh print going for $1200.

There was a pre-sale starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday, and organizers said pre-sale tickets already outsold prior years. The sale opens up to all other ticket holders at noon, on Saturday and Sunday, running through 6 p.m. You'll find this vintage wonderland at Industry City, 274 36th Street in Brooklyn.