Recently the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club has been hosting some biscuits and tangs fans prior to their official opening (which will happen in a couple of weeks—don't try to go there now!). Last night they held the first in a series of soft launch events (there will be two more this week, which you can try to get tickets to via their Facebook page), and co-owner Jonathan Schnapp sent us along some photos of the space as a little preview for what's inside.

The club will feature 10 courts (real courts, not that table shuffleboard business we're used to seeing in bars), and standard Bar Things, like live music, drinks, and food. In classic Brooklyn style, the latter will come mostly from a food truck parked in an indoor food truck bay. Schnapp tell us "every day of the week there will be a different one once we're open."

To catch you up: the club—located at 514 Union Street in Gowanus—was announced in 2012, soon after we asked for a shuffleboard club to spring into existence in New York City—and that is what you call magic. Now we would like to see some Radiohead shows within walking distance of our office.