Last night there was a sneak peak at the Lazarides pop-up gallery set up on Bowery. The exhibit, titled the Outsiders, came together at the hands of Steve Lazarides (Banksy's agent).

The scene at 282 Bowery was celebratory last night, but tonight John Penley, leader of the Slacktivists, promised Page Six there would be some protesting against the yuppification of the neighborhood. He told the paper, "This is not street-level graffiti or poor starving artists from the area. They're all rich. And they are all Brits. There are plenty of local downtown artists more deserving." (Note: They're not all British, there are some French, Portuegese and Americans in there, too!)

View more photos from last night here (be warned: there's a naked lady in there!), as well as the going rates for some of the pieces. The exhibit is open through October 25th, after which the space will likely become a Keith McNally-run pizzeria.