The old Greenpoint banquet hall, Polonaise Terrace, has recently undergone a huge renovation as the Brooklyn Bazaar has taken over the old spot.

The sprawling, 15,000-sq-ft Greenpoint space—located on Greenpoint Avenue near the corner of Manhattan Avenue—has been vacant since 2013, and when the Bazaar was ousted from their former Williamsburg spot by BMW, they moved on in. With plenty of mirrors, art deco fixtures and fonts, and wall-to-wall patterned carpeting, the space remains of another era.

Co-founder Belvy Klein told us this week that he and partner Aaron Broudo "had been worried that these old school local guys were pissed off about us, but they were really, really into it." In fact, some former employees of the hall dropped by this week—"Two old Polish guys were talking out on the street and were very animated... they kind of made gestures" and were talking about food. Turns out the two worked the kitchen thirty years ago—"They had cooked here in the '70s when it was a banquet hall, and I took them back to see what we'd done with the restaurant. They told me stories... it was the opposite of what I'd feared. They were totally stoked that someone came in and restored so much of it. That's always been our goal... to restore as much of the art deco aesthetic as possible and not make it just another cookie-cutter West side club."

Klein and Broudo worked 18 hour days, for six weeks, to make the space sparkle, and it's now officially open. This weekend you can check out their new, multi-level home during their kick-off concert weekend (hosted by Gothamist!). Inside you'll also find an after-dark flea market, a restaurant run by Brooklyn Star's Joaquin Baca, an arcade, mini golf, and table tennis.

Brooklyn Bazaar is located at 150 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11222