Good news: the NYPL's Rose Reading Room will reopen in 2016. That will be nearly two years after it closed its doors when a foot-wide piece of plaster (one of the rosettes) fell from the ceiling, but still ahead of the previously scheduled reopening date in 2017.

On top of the structural concerns regarding the ceiling, asbestos had been discovered in an attic (which is closed off to the public and staff), but yesterday the NYPL issued this promising all-clear update:

"The historic Rose Main Reading Room and Bill Blass Catalog Room will reopen to the public by late fall 2016—several months ahead of the prior schedule.

A thorough inspection found that the ceiling is in good condition. Still, the Library has decided to reinforce all large and medium sized rosettes on the ceiling with steel cables. The latest estimate is that work will be complete by fall 2016. The original estimate was 2017."

They also offered up these spectacular photos of the room in a totally different state than we're used to seeing it in. Click through, and renew your library cards.

For reference, here's what it looked like in less-eerie times:

(Jake Dobkin / Gothamist)