About a year ago, a piano bar from another era opened in Chelsea. Or maybe all piano bars are from another era, but this one seemed special—part past and part future. Sid Gold's Request Room has a lounge vibe, a large piano the centerpiece for guests to gather around, an inviting old school ambiance glowing along with the yellow bulbs, and Joe McGinty on the keys. Barstools surround the piano and the atmosphere is one that demands cocktails-swing-in-the-air as you sing along with strangers.

McGinty, of Loser's Lounge and Psychedelic Furs, and Paul Devitt, of Beauty Bar, opened the spot last May, and since it has charmed just about everyone. A quick scan of the geotag on Instagram shows a bevy of famous fans of the unique spot, including Tina Fey, Paul Simon, R.E.M.'s Mike Mills, Samantha Power (US Ambassador to the UN!), Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees, Rob Schneider, Parker Posey, and perhaps most appropriately: Bill Murray. Don't you always hope to see Bill Murray at a place like this?

It's the kind of spot you'd expect to find in a New York City that you hope still exists, but with a uniqueness that sets it apart from anything that's existed here before (it's not even like any of our other favorite piano bars). McGinty and Devitt describe it as "a house party [where] the host has a baby grand in his living room." And their music offerings lean more towards the pop, rock, soul and punk side of your radio dial.

It's a nostalgic good time, even if you never sat around a Baldwin piano eating pigs in a blanket and drinking a martini while belting out J. Geils Band.

Sid Gold's Request Room is located at 165 West 26th Street, at 7th Avenue. (sidgolds.com)