There's probably a perfectly reasonable, Puritanical explanation as to why we can't drink beer and wine in movie theaters, but whatever the reason, we're tired of sneaking in our own six pack and waiting for a big on-screen explosion every time we want to crack open another lukewarm one. But finally, a new screening room has opened to take away the shame of brown-bagging it in movie theaters: Jason Stevens, the owner of reBar—that big, handsome gastropub in DUMBO with the killer polenta—is opening a small, 60-seat movie theater with a bar inside his bar. It is called reRun.

Stevens tells us the screening room, which officially opens Friday, will serve a delicious selection of upscale snack food, including popcorn with duck fat or bacon fat, handmade pastries, pretzels stuffed with filling such as Savory Ground Beef or Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and beer from two rotating draft taps. The bar, which is inside the theater, will close during the movie, but Stevens says he doesn't plan on grabbing drinks out of customers' hands when they go sit down. ReRun's designed by the same guy who did the great Zipper Factory theater (RIP!), and has been assembled almost entirely from reclaimed materials, with bench seats from old minivans, chandeliers made from hubcaps, and a Chevy bumper behind the bar.

The technology, however, is state of the art. Stevens says he spent $17,000 on the projection and sound system, which is all digital and will play Blu Ray discs on the 12 foot screen. Aaron Hillis, who covers film for the Village Voice, will be doing the programming, and christening reRun Friday with the indie film Audrey the Trainwreck. Stevens tells us all the films will be first run features that have been on the festival circuit but don't have distribution yet. Next month's screenings, which aren't on the reRun website yet, will feature The Parking Lot Movie (August 13th-19th), followed by Trust Us This is All Made Up (August 20th-26th).