Man, the real estate market in this town is cutthroat—apartment hunters have to immediately pounce on whatever comes available without thinking, and be first in line at every open house, checkbook in hand. This apartment on the top floor of the UES Pierre Hotel, for example, has already been snatched up by some shrewd investor who now has the distinction of living in the most expensive residential rental in NYC. The 39th floor apartment is going for $500,000 a month, and the tenant is, of course, "international."

The Wall Street Journal reports that that the new tenant "has also reserved a separate $150,000-a-month suite for guests." Because it would be an outrage if everyone was forced to cram together elbows to assholes in the main apartment like a bunch of hobos in an overcrowded boxcar:

Located on the 39th floor of the luxury hotel, the full-floor listing has 4,786 square feet of living space, six bedrooms and 6½ bathrooms, including the Presidential Suite. The unit overlooks Central Park, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and the George Washington Bridge, among other sights. The less expensive unit is the Getty Suite, a 1,015-square-foot apartment on the 10th floor with a 920-square-foot terrace “for an extended family-entourage situation." Amenities include a language-specific butler and concierge service and a chauffeur-driven Jaguar.

No details about the tenant were given, but listing agent Therese Bateman tells the Journal she received "a strong response from Europe, the Middle East and British Commonwealth nations." Come on America, don't we have a single spendthrift oligarch who can put this once-proud nation back on top?

[h/t Curbed]