This is Keith Richards's New York City apartment, located at 1 Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village. This is also, presumably, Keith Richards's hand chair. As a quick aside, because it's impossible to ignore the hand chair in the room, I would like to say I never pegged Richards for a hand chair guy. But honestly, who is? When a hand chair shows up in a photo or right before your eyes when you enter a living room in someone's home... it's always a surprise. No one seems like a hand chair person, and I would argue that no one really is. To quote Pedro Friedeberg, inventor of the hand chair, on the hand chair: "I hate them."

My colleague argues that Keith Richards is exactly the type of guy to own a hand chair, which is a fair counterpoint. At the very least, Keith Richards is one of the only people in the world who could pull off a hand chair, but he needed to spend decades creating musical masterpieces and doing copious amounts of drugs and crafting an otherworldly, completely unrelatable persona to do so. Still, hand chairs seem more like a Mick thing.

(Courtesy of Douglas Elliman)

Anyway, Richards may have finally unloaded his Village home, which has been on the market for two years. This past week it went into contract. At press time the whereabouts of the hand chair were not known.

Click through for a look at the Gold Coast duplex, featuring three bedrooms, three terraces,
"two spacious walk-in closets completely outfitted to showcase fashionable garments," an office, "open staircase with a leather wrapped bronze handrail," a soaking tub, a kitchen that looks like it has never seen food, and at one point, a hand chair.