2005_12_artsgct.jpgWhen we hear things like, "and there...a city lies within a city" we get pretty excited. When the city within the city is Grand Central Terminal, we set the DVR right away. Tonight on the National Geographic Channel, Inside Grand Central airs at 8pm.

When we used to commute through GCT everyday for a few years, we always knew there was more to it than we were seeing. Tonight's show will bring us beyond the brick and mortar to show us inside the hidden tunnels, mysterious elevators, secret railways and the terminal's secret operations run from 10 stories below the main concourse.

The structure is always adapting to the times as well. Currently the “East Side Access” project is being worked on, this new underground development will bring in an additional 80,000 commuters from Long Island (just what we need. zing!). So get a glimpse at what the largest railstation will look like in 2012, as well as at all of its historical nooks.