After a two-year hiatus (did you notice?), Apple's Fifth Avenue spaceship, I mean flagship, has reopened its doors: Step inside the crystalline cube hat, and sink below the street, straight into the tech giant's iMaw — now bigger than before!

Apple first opened its Cube in 2006, to much fanfare, and then reopened an updated version in 2011. When the store closed for renovations in 2017, the Cube vanished, leaving nothing but a big gaping hole in its wake. Recently, it reemerged, decked out in many psychedelic colors. (The Saruman trajectory, if my Lord of the Rings memory serves.) By Thursday, the trippy rainbow coating appeared to have been wiped away, and the Apple Cube returned to the regular old glass you know and love (?) ahead of the store's official reopening on Friday (Apple CEO Tim "Apple" Cook said he'll be in attendance).

The new cube opens onto a new stainless steel spiral staircase (featuring "43 cantilevered stair treads designed to support a floating cylinder of glass") which takes you down to an expanded retail space that includes twice as much Genius Bar, compared to its predecessor; an "air pod bay;" two boardrooms; and a lot of shiny chrome — plus natural elements like a plant wall and 62 skylights, to remind you — a customer who's been waiting either one or 100 hours for their broken iPhone to return from war — that there's life out there. Actually, if you are a person who likes to camp out for the annual iPhone unveiling (that also happens tomorrow), this new store doesn't seem like a bad place to do it: just look at all that soothing beige. And it's open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so theoretically, you don't even have to sleep on the sidewalk! Although maybe that's part of the experience, who knows.

Anyway, Apple partnered with Foster + Partners architecture and engineering firm to give you this latest consumer temple. Here's a closer look at what all this costs.