Wooster Collective's 11 Spring Street project is in full swing. We went by yesterday, and they graciously allowed us to tour the empty warehouse. The place is amazing-- huge, empty floors surrounded by windows, with no interior beams. The roof has a 270 degree view of downtown and Nolita.




While the interior of the building is off-limits to the public until next-month, if you're in Nolita today or anytime in the next few weeks, you can check out the exterior walls of the building-- it's on the corner of Spring and Elizabeth. Some of the biggest international streetartists are putting up some amazing pieces.



We'll be documenting the exterior walls over at Streetsy for the next four weeks. After the opening next month, we'll start putting up shots of the interior pieces-- they're going to blow your mind.

And special thanks to Marc and Sara at Wooster for letting us participate in the project!

11 Spring Street Goes Out Big
Strange Doings at 11 Spring Street