If you've seen the greatest TV show about NYC, High Maintenance, you are already privy to morning raves. Not the brightly lit yoga den offered at the "sober raves" of 2014, but the kind with disco balls.

Photographer Sai Mokhtari checked out the Daybreaker rave (also hyped as a "soul disco") held in a Midtown warehouse last week, which features all of the above, all starting at 6 a.m. Their simple motto is: wake up & dance, but you'll also find yoga, fitness experts, bubbles, and baristas—there's no alcohol, but there is plenty of coffee, tea, granola, yogurt, and juices.

The organizers say they've "designed an experience that helps release your brain’s natural 'happy chemicals': Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins." And Mokhtari says it works:

"I can comfortably say this was the most positive atmosphere I've ever encountered. It's like church. THE CULT OF POSITIVITY. I compare it to religion because it's definitely way more than a party—there's a sense of community and purpose and a striking absence of cynicism. [It was] a very giddy atmosphere. So much goddamn positivity, openness and acceptance—if you go to a party like this and roll your eyes, you are a monster."

Keep in eye on their calendar for the next event, and in the meantime, get inspired: