Jerry's apartment was at 129 W. 81st Street, Apt 5A

Yesterday the creator of this website, Maps About Nothing, alerted us to his project. Initially, thinking we'd seen every possible way to keep the show alive, we yawned and clicked the link, thinking: "What is the deal with Seinfeld obsession?" But this site is actually pretty amazing. Everyone else can stop working on their Seinfeld hobby projects now.

The creator—Dan Zinman from Canada—tells us his site includes "every single location in the history of Seinfeld, in NYC and beyond, all in one place." And it really, really does. He explained: "I compiled the list over about 6 months while in university 5 years ago... let it sit for a while, then it took about 3 months to put the site together and organize everything afterwards. Process was simple really—ridiculous attention to detail, and a lot of Google Maps hunting." You can search by location (Kramer's apartment), by countries and states (even when they're just mentioned), and also by episodes.

Just try to ignore that he Yada Yada'd Harlem, Inwood and Washington Heights in the map.