I'm not an architect, I'm not even a pessimist, but I am here to tell you this building will never become more than fantastical fodder for a website. According to Curbed, the creative people at Clouds Architecture Office have really flipped this whole underground home concept, offering up a future home in the sky. The "mind boggling new conceptual proposal [would suspend] the world’s tallest tower from an asteroid." Well, this would certainly be a wonderful setting for an asteroid rom-com, but real life real estate?

In a fantasy world where this exists, it would be called the Analemma Tower, named for the orbital pattern in which it would travel.

The proposal calls for a top down approach to construction. Cables attached to the asteroid would hold the structure, which would be assembled in modules sent up from earth. Once construction is complete, the building (along with the asteroid) would orbit in a figure eight pattern over North and South America, and the slowest and lowest part of this trajectory would take place over Midtown Manhattan.

How do you pay for an apartment in this luxury spaceship? You have a job down on earth that you parachute to, or travel to via drone, and "the tower would arrive in New York during office hours." Also there are offices on the asteroid, too, downstairs from your apartment. Maybe you want to work in one of those. Other things of note: water would come from clouds, power would come through solar panels, and NASA has yet to comment on this project.

It's alllll happening.