Lucas Brunelle spent ten years videotaping the "alley-cat races" in 30 different cities all over the world, capturing cyclists who take whatever route necessary to hit all the checkpoints, even if it means hitching a ride on a garbage truck or riding against 5 lanes of traffic. The movie featuring his footage, Line of Sight, will premiere during the New York Bicycle Film Festival later this week. If your idea of "harrowing" is a bike ride over the Brooklyn Bridge on a Saturday, watch this trailer.

While Brunelle claims that cyclists racing in alley-cat races aren't a danger to the public or themselves, one died in 2007 as he was leading a race in Chicago. “He was a fast rider, but an experienced rider thinks, ‘Hey, I’m in the lead,’ and it’s too good to be true,” Brunelle tells the Post. Right.

The film festival begins on Friday but Line of Sight won't screen until Sunday. All the screenings are at the Anthology Film Archives in the East Village, and you can purchase tickets here.