2005_07_borat.jpgAfter seeing Ryan Brenzier's photograph of saw Ali G/ Sacha Baron Cohen/ Borat in Times Square (captured in this picture on the right), Gothamist has wondered where else the British comedian would strike. New York magazine reports he was spotted on the 4 train, "lunging in to kiss surprised men and introducing himself in broken English as 'Borat from Kazakhstan.'" Of course, the "Borat" part was a giveaway, as was the semi-discreet entourage ("ten men, dressed to blend in with jeans, T-shirts, and nondescript backpacks or briefcases with camouflaged cameras"). We love that one straphanger asked, "Dude, why does your briefcase have a camera lens?" which made Cohen get off at Borough Hall. But even in Times Square, that overcrowded melting pot of kids from Long Island, fluroscent backpack-toting Euros, and vendors, Borat was recognizable: Ryan reported that at least three people yelled "Kazakhstannnnnn!" at him.

Have you seen Borat around town? He's either filming for another season on HBO or a movie. And check out the Da Ali G site on HBO, and the materials: Season 1 DVD, Indahouse DVD, and Da Gospel According to Ali G.