Revise your "Go back to Ohio!" retort to something a little more factual—try, "Go back to New Jersey!" or "Go back to Boca!" (That one's got a nice ring to it, actually.) Recently Spokeo worked with some cell phone data to find out where people relocating to New York City were actually coming from... and what they found out MAY SHOCK YOU. Or not.


While it's been long-believed that our city's transplants come from Ohio, it turns out that Ohio doesn't even chart. All those people driving up your rents or whatever you want to blame them for are coming from DC, Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, and... well, without further ado, here are your Top 20 Transplant Cities!:


They explain their migration map as "a visual representation of the most common out-of-state mobile numbers found in a your selected city. All numbers are standardized to account for population. By identifying the origin of a mobile number and matching it to address records, Spokeo has pinpointed migration and settlement trends throughout the United States. The different colors represent the home states of transplants." [via Curbed]