In an effort to help Madison Avenue understand who to target, research company Roper/ASW has released a study explaining more about the so-called "Influentials," or as Ad Age calls them, "a demographic of business networkers, news junkies and community movers and shakers." And as if it's shocking news, this group prefers the Internet for getting its daily information. Other tidbits:

- 77% have Internet access, compared to 50% of the general population, according to a 2001 RoperASW study.
- Six in 10, or 59%, spend at least one hour online each day (excluding e-mail), more than they spend with any other medium, including TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. The average Influential spends two hours online per day.
- 82% access the Internet multiple times a day and 95% at least once a day. One in three have broadband Internet connections at home, double that of the general population.

Roper/ASW vice president Jon Berry further makes the case for how the Influentials love the Internet: "The Internet has become part of the core media to Influentials. It is a fact of life, and for companies that want to engage with Influentials, they have to consider the Internet. ... It's like breathing air. They are twice as likely to be turned to by others for ideas and insights on a range of different topics like movies, vacation places, how to raise your kids, and are twice as likely to make recommendations when they find something they like."

Lesson to advertisers: Seeding ideas on the Internet might be smart for some brands, in order to build trial and loyalty with the highly qualified Influential who can then become a trusted advocate for their brands.

Gothamist's takeaway: Where's our free stuff that we can pimp? Does anyone want to sponsor a Gothamist-601am Happy Hour? And our readers want some swag, too.