Anthony Wong in Infernal AffairsTonight, I'm going to see Infernal Affairs, an extremely suspenseful, twisty Hong Kong cop movie, tonight as part of New Directors/New Films.
Elvis Mitchell gives the film a great review and mentions Anthony Wong who plays the police supervisor. Wong had great presence and has his own rock band according to IMDB. The look of the film is also much-talked about, as it's got this bluish tinge, that makes the film seem more mature than most other Hong Kong movies. Mitchell likens it to Michael Mann's Heat, another twisty cop movie.

Me and my ninjaThe Ninja Pays Half My Rent is the short film playing before Infernal Affairs. Directed by Steven Tsuchida, you can see it before Infernal Affairs, but don't worry if you aren't going tonight - see it here.

Check out his bio and read past Ninja Pays coverage to see how I know Steven. (Yes, I'm a name-dropping fool!)