It looks like Martin Scorsese will be trying his hand at the double cross of Hong Kong's hit film, Infernal Affairs: Variety reports that Scorsese is in negotiations to direct the remake. Brad Pitt, who bought the remake rights with his Plan B production company (with co-partners Jennifer Aniston and Brad Grey), is discussing taking a starring role in this tale of a corrupt cop and a cop undercover in the mob who cross paths. Infernal Affairs, snubbed for a best foreign film nomination, is one of the most popular Hong Kong films in recent memory, spawing two other films. A beautifully shot film, IA is one of the most interesting good cop-bad cop double cross films to come along in a while. Gothamist hopes it's set in New York.

Infernal Affairs screened at last spring's New Directors/New Films and will be released in the U.S. this summer. However, if you have a region-free DVD player, you can probably get yourself a DVD of the film with a little elbow grease.