2006_11_arts_carebears.jpgToday The Times reported on the youngins rocking the New York scene.

Bands like Magnolia, Care Bears on Fire (pictured), Tiny Masters of Today, Fiasco and Hysterics are all part of this young band scene sprouting up in Park Slope, many are 10 to 17 years old. New York Magazine recently reported on Care Bears on Fire, who wrote a song called “Don’t Wanna Be Like Everybody Else” - these kids didn't want to be on the soccer team. Their music is also an act of rebelling against what most of their peers may listen to (Kelly Clarkson, et al) and playing music that matches many of their peers in the New York music scene.

Union Hall booker, Skippy, had this to say to the Times:

“Oh my god, there’s like a huge, huge kid-rock scene here,” said Jack McFadden, known as Skippy, who booked the show at Union Hall. “It’s really very indicative of Park Slope, since so many of the parents who live around here are hip and have these hip little kids that they dress in, like, CBGBs T-shirts.”

It makes sense: in this family-friendly part of Brooklyn every other brownstone seems to house creative professionals who urge their children to march to — or become — a different drummer.

One of those bands, Tiny Masters of Today, played a show we co-hosted with ProductshopNYC at CBGB earlier this year. The kids seemed to channel many of the bands to play the CBGB stage before them. The future of the New York music scene sounds pretty good.

Photo via mjording's Flickr