Before getting cast on the Surreal Life, going to rehab, getting engaged...or whatever else celebrities do while white knuckling on to their career and/or become "edgier", they go to Misshapes. Love it or hate it, this party gets more press than some of it's guest stars on the decks.


It has the ability to turn Hilary Duff from Disney to deejay, it lets Madonna show everyone her ego isn't bigger than the small clubs she used to play...and this weekend it let Axl Rose get some much needed attention and press prior to his Guns n' Roses comeback. Not to mention show off those lovely cornrows he's sporting these days (Update: more photos from the night here).

We actually went to Misshapes this weekend, a rarity for us. It was 3am, Axl was gone, the crowd was very thin, there was no line for the bathroom. This wasn't the Misshapes we remembered being at...a packed, sweaty crowded bar being kept open until 5am. We wondered what kids in the suburbs reading things like "don't forget to check out the whole gallery of cool people who were at the club on the same night as Sienna in the MisShapes gallery page" would think of this scene we walked in to. Half empty, celebrity-less and, well, pretty boring. Maybe the Misshapes should go on the Surreal Life?

Who will be future deejays at the party? We're calling: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Ryan Seacrest, David Lee Roth, Molly the Cat.

[Pictured: Hilary Duff, Axl Rose, Sienna Miller]