Every so often Deer Tick takes on a Nirvana musical costume to become Deervana. Not a lot of people could pull this off, but they manage to do it, and for that reason their infrequent stints as Deervana usually sell out pretty fast. (Even Ben Affleck can't get enough!) So if you wanna hear them perform In Utero in its entirety next month, get your tickets now. The show will be held on the album's 20th anniversary, September 13th, at Brooklyn Bowl.

In Utero was released on September 13th, 1993, and was recorded by Steve Albini in February of that year at Pachyderm Studios in Minnesota. We visited the studio back in 2008, and were told that when Nirvana booked time there they did so under the name the Simon Ritchie Bluegrass Ensemble. When the studio's intern was sent to pick the band up at the airport, he was surprised to see Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl awaiting him. We'll revisit that some more next month, for now, some more Deervana: