ingoodcompany_bigposter.jpgAt the end of the year, some distribution companies will sneak a movie into one or two theaters in New York and Los Angeles to make them eligible for that year's release schedule before they're released nation-wide in January. Thus, New Yorkers get our very own extended advance screening of little gems like the Weitz brother's newest In Good Company, where we can say "nyah-nyah" to the rest of the country, because we saw it first.

From the writer/directors of About A Boy, In Good Company is another story of men learning to become the best they can be. Dennis Quaid plays Dan Foreman, an aging advertisement salesman at a sports magazine recent bought out by a international conglomerate, who put their 26 year old wiz kid (Topher Grace) in his old position. They come of an uneasy truce until Dan realizes Carter has been wooing Dan's college student daughter, Alex (Scarlett Johansson) under his nose.

Gothamists will love seeing their New York photographed in this movie. Accidental meetings outside Cafe Reggio and longing looks down at the twinkling cars from a high rise are the stuff sweet romantic comedies should be made from. The soundtrack's also chockablock with great music from the Shins, Iron and Wine, Peter Gabriel, David Byrne, Franz Ferdinand and even a little Steely Dan. With a great cast, moment of inspired hilarity and a soundtrack sure to be rocking our iPod very soon, In Good Company had Gothamist doing Dan Foreman's little happy bird dance out of the theater.

In Good Company is playing at the Loews IMAX on 68th and Broadway, and opens nationwide on January 14.