Mayor Bloomberg and the Law part of Law & Order; Photo: AP

Gothamist is still trying to get to the bottom of the Law & Order episode that Mayor Bloomberg will be appearing in. Reader Matthew tried to help us out by noting a key paragraph in a Wall Street Journal article about that Martha Stewart thing:

Just blocks from the courthouse, yellow police tape blocked off the crime scene of an armored-car robbery, a dead body and swarming investigators -- all part of the set of an upcoming episode of the television show "Law & Order," about the murder of an assistant district attorney. Jerry Orbach, who plays tough detective Lennie Briscoe on the show, was aware of the real-life courtroom drama unfolding nearby. "Sure, on the show we deal with crime that generally isn't corporate, but the devastation caused by things like Enron and Tyco does far more harm than some guy who chokes his neighbor for playing his radio too loud," he said.

Tell it like it is, Jerry! [Thanks, Matthew, for seeing the words "dead body" and "Jerry Orbach" and thinking of us...our work is done.] The Post gets a lame quote from Fred Thompson (who plays Executive District Attorney Arthur Branch) after the filming: "A lot of us are kind of worrying about our jobs after watching him." Yes, the eyes roll intensely now.

Serena Southerlyn

Based on this photograph, the blond head is Elizabeth Rohm's, leading Gothamist to suspect Serena Southerlyn is not that dead assistant district attorney. stereomono wrote in to tell us how the Times reviews the Law & Order computer game, Law & Order II: Double or Nothing, where there is a computerized ADA Southerlyn, perfect for Rohm's robotic line deliveries. Play a demo here (we scored a 100% - "No doubt about it. It looks like you've got what it takes, Detective. But this was just a small piece of the big case. Think you have it in you to solve the crime?")