2005_12_artsHairychest.jpg Finally, a contest which honors the hairy men of our fair city! Universal Studios is “looking for a few hairy men” (sorry ladies) to celebrate the 40-Year-Old Virgin DVD release. Sponsored by Burke Williams and Aveda, The Hairiest Chest Waxing Contest invites beastly males to showcase their chests before being ripped apart on the 257 Columbus & 72nd Scott J Aveda Salon salon table. Starting at 6:00AM tomorrow, men will compete for their chance at beautification glory and winners will be determined by "hairiness, best waxing scream, and of course, personality.” Supposedly, there are “major prizes” awarded to New York's hairiest/Universal-marketing-scheme mascot (lotion, perhaps?) and if any of you intend to participate, please send us your pictures.