2006_06_arts_infedwetrust.jpgIn one of the more odd press releases we have received this week, we learn that Sir Richard Branson and Kevin Federline will be teaming up to "save the U.S. penny from annihilation". Yes, the two unite with Common Cents Policy Director Matthew Eggers to put emphasis on the value of a penny (that K-Fed really is simple isn't he), in the face of its possible legislative elimination.

Virgin Mobile reps will be gathering signatures for the “Save the Penny” petition (to be presented to lawmakers), while collecting pennies for charity (The RE*Generation, a charitable movement dedicated to connecting young people with organizations working on the front lines of activism). Of course, Branson will also be making a pretty penny by introducing his new Virgin Mobile Penny Texting plan, which offers 1,000 text messages for just $9.99 per month. And we're guessing K-Fed is in it to promote his new album.

Come throw pennies at Mr. Spears tomorrow, 1:30pm in Times Square.