2007_01_flatiron.jpgHoly cow: An entrepreneur is looking to put hair-straightening flat iron "vending machines" in nightclub bathrooms. The NY Sun reports that with flat-hair-for-pay already a hit in London nightclub loos, David Ganulan has bought $50,000 of them from Beautiful Vending (the Scottish company that developed the concept) and has been talking to some very interested clubs. The NYC hair straightening might be priced at $1 for a 1 minute use (it's £1 for 90 seconds across the pond).

While we know that some women would love to be able to fix any errant hair frizz while out on the town, we're very afraid of what wasted clubgoers might do with the hot tongs. Still, we admire this idea a lot, because it actually has a lot of potential for event spaces. Would you be interested in straightening your hair at the club?