Almost sensing that Gothamist is in Chicago (again!) today, the Times looks at a Chicago play that is performed in men's bathrooms. Theatregoers crowd into various men's rooms (director Stephen Mazurek scouted men's rooms in city buildings and museums all over Chicago) for the 30-minute play, which is about "five white-collar workers scheming to get ahead" that has "chatter about accounts and agendas, as well slurs against women and gays." (Sounds a bit like In the Company of Men meets The Office.) Gothamist is all for bathroom drama (God knows we've been through enough of it), just as long the play takes place after the bathroom has been cleaned. Or, for a NY media twist, the play takes place at a high-flying media conglom, and the play is performed at a bathroom in the NBC building or Conde Nast building.

Gothamist on hot NYC bathrooms.