2006_10_beyondjenjason.jpgThe city has announced the top ten names city mommies and daddies have given their babies. Emily is number one for a 2nd year in a row (it was also number in 2003), while Michael is number one for the 20th year! From 1010WINS:

For the 59,714 baby girls, the top names were Emily, Ashley, Kayla, Sarah, Isabella, Samantha, Sophia, Nicole, Olivia and Rachel. Brianna was knocked out of the Top 10 for the first time since 1997.

For the boys, the list was Michael, Daniel, Joshua, David, Justin, Matthew, Anthony, Christopher, Joseph and Nicholas.

Now, we all make fun of celebrities for naming their children stupid things (Pilot Inspektor? Moxie Crimefighter?), but there is an upside to having a relatively uncommon name - people will remember it, versus being one of legion of same-named kids in a playground, office, or school.

The Social Security website has a fun database of birth names (Emily has been number 1 for over 10 years nationally, but it's no Jennifer, which was number 1 from 1970 through 1984). The Name Voyager is a fun interactive way to see name popularity. And DaddyTypes inaugurated the Daddy Types Namewatch (we noticed Chablis Quarterman also).