Santino in stilettos? Nerdy Diana getting down? Marla...acting desperately lost? Gothamist loves Project Runway so so much! This week's challenge was to design a party dress for a socialite - and impress her at a party. Since the show's been on hiatus for two weeks, we were thinking that it might be some really, random low-on-the-totem pole socialite, like some toilet seat manufacturer's niece. But the socialite was Nicky Hilton, aka the pretty Hilton (among many, many other things, Paris's lazy eye is scareeee), so the designers were all really excited. Highlights of the show: The designers competing in a walk-off at Marquee (this might be the gayest thing ever, and it was brilliant); Nick acknowleding that Santino is big competition; Emmett not saying much at all; a pregnant Heidi Klum looking more radiant than Nicky will ever be; and Tim Gunn, well, being Tim Gunn. Even Andrae redeemed himself with an actually lovely dress.

Who do you think should be in the final thre? At this point, Gothamist thinks the final three should be Chloe, Santino and Nick. And Television Without Pity notes that Santino does do a killer Tim Gunn impression, even if he (Santino) is a huge herk - it's like he's Wendy Pepper with cutting edge talent!