If you love your girlfriend, you'll say it with diamonds. And you'll say it with a 10.95 carat rare vivid blue diamond if you really mean it. Next month, Christie's will have the largest triangular-shaped fancy vivid blue diamond ever to come to auction, and it's expected to go for over $15 million. How's that recession going for you?

The blue diamond is paired with a 9.87 carat white diamond on a gold ring, and Rahul Kadakia, Christie's jewelry expert, told WABC, "They are perfectly matched in size and shape. They may be different in terms of weight, but the measurements are perfect. These two stones are made for each other." It's being sold by an anonymous European businessman who purchased the ring for $1 million in 1972 and gave it to his wife.

The diamond most likely came from the Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa, where the Cullinan Diamond was found in 1905. The ring goes up for auction on October 20th, and if you think it isn't a sound investment, Kadakia asks, "In what other form could you carry $15 million to $20 million so easily?" Also, it's so pretty.