Celebrating mothers is a long tradition for Saturday Night Live, from Adam Sandler's ode to mothers ("Mama spit on her fingers to clean dirt from my face") to last year's excellent "The Perfect Mother" bit with Emma Thompson and Heidi Gardner. On the SNL At Home finale, former head writer Tina Fey returned to Weekend Update with host Michael Che, offering "A Prayer For Mothers On Mother's Day 2020." First, though, she discussed life in quarantine, "I miss going to the grocery store. But there are so many great hacks you can get off the Internet. Did you know that if you're baking cookies and you don't have any flour, you can just go to bed?"

Fey also admitted to making up gibberish because now she has to teach her daughter Latin. "Sorry, school!" she said, speaking for mothers—and fathers and guardians—around the world, and also confessed she was looking at the bright side of things, "I'm getting to spend so much time with my passwords... Apple ID, Hulu, Nintendo, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangout, Spectrum cable, Amazon, that other stupid Amazon app for watching things—all my passwords are a little bit different and beautiful in their own way, and I see that now. Also, my kids are here."

As for her words of wisdom to mothers, she reminded moms, "Give us the courage to change the things we can... like our Zoom background. From a tropical beach to a picture of Governor Cuomo holding you like a baby... you can hit his nipple ring like a rattle... to a picture of my foot two months ago, when it still looked human...

"Don't be afraid to be emotional in front of your kids. These are crying times," Fey reassured viewers. "Let them see you open mouth chew cold spaghetti while screaming words like 'moron!' and 'Dunning-Kruger syndrome, look it up, he definitely has it!' at the news program of your choice."

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