The end of the world as the producers of I Am Legend know it has arrived. The film started work on an elaborate "escape from New York" scene that involves thousands of extras, as well as tanks and helicopters. Many people went down to check out the scene in the cold,


The Black Hawk helicopter was docked near the Brooklyn Bridge and huge klieg lights were shining onto the bridge. And since some bloggers seemed to become unintentional extras, Gothamist is relieved to know that when zombies come for us, tons of photobloggers will be on the scene!


1010WINS's Steve Kastenbaum took this photograph of Will Smith's crazy, pimpin' motor home. We did a little research and Anderson Mobile Estates designed the 2-story 1,100 square foot beast.

Photograph of "Civilian Evacuees" by whatisee, photograph of the Black Hawk by Blue Joel, and photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge by Bluejake; also check out BlueJoel's set of photos and rebeccacrumley's Brooklyn Bridge shots