Ever wanted to know what it might be like to join Iggy and The Stooges on stage? Last night they played United Palace Theater, and some of those who made the journey to 175th Street were rewarded by being invited on stage with the band. Here's a video which describes the chaos more accurately than words could:

United Palace Theater is of course the venue that has recently begun to host shows (mostly booked by the Bowery Presents folk) normally reserved for the downtown venues. Check out some beautiful photos of the space here, and you'll know why it's worth the trip. Loew's originally opened the Thomas Lamb-designed theater 77 years ago as a "wonder theater" for movies and vaudeville hit shows. In 1969 (a couple of years after The Stooges formed), new owners - Christ United Church - restored the space to its "original magnificence."

Check out some still shots of the show last night, here.