Harvey Keitel and Robert DeNiro in Taxi DriverThis Saturday and Sunday, the IFP is holding its annual "From Script to Screen Conference" with panels of film, television, and stage professionals giving their insights and thoughts about breaking in, getting the work made, and the business involved. Paul Schrader, writer of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Last Temptation of Christ, will be speaking about his career (his most recent work was directing AutoFocus). Gothamist is looking forward to Tom Fontana, the creator behind the best cop show ever (Law & Order is the best cop-and-lawyer show ever), Homicide: Life on the Streets. Fontana will be speaking about his career as writer-producer of St. Elsewhere, Homicide, and Oz. Other panelists include Dylan Kidd (writer-director of Roger Dodger), Austin Chick (whose film XX/XY opens today), Marshall Brickman (co-writer of Annie Hall), Erin Cressida Wilson (writer of Secretary) and United Artists head Bingham Ray (UA released Bowling for Columbine).

Homicide: Life on the Street Gothamist will try to ask Fontana questions about the Law & Order-Homicide cross-over story arc, as well as the fact that Richard Belzer continues to play Detective John Munch, a Homicide regular, on L&O: Special Victims Unit.

More Script conference information here.

[April 13, 2003]: Gothamist on Tom Fontana's talk