Meet CuteThe Daily News says some people are just chucking internet dating or speed dating or their friends in the quest for finding that special someone and using matchmakers. After an initial meeting/phone conversation with a yenta, we mean, matchmaker, you decide whether or not you want to sink in $100-400 for consultations and then anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 for things like unlimited pre-screened dates, party invites, and image consulting, as Lisa Ronis offers. Some matchmakers prefer to introduce clients at parties, others will deliver the names (from the a Batcomputer like database) in an envelope.

The competitive advantage that matchmakers have is they will give you their thoughts on how to improve your dating self ("Lose weight!" "Talk less!" "Be coy and a creature like none other!") As another matchmarker, Samantha Daniels says "There are a lot of good first-daters, but you've got to be able to move from being a first-dater to being in a relationship to getting married."

Gothamist wants to compile two opposing manuals: How to stay a first-dater and how to get married.