This weekend, if you find yourself tired of partying and you just want to kick back, why not invite some friends over and watch Iron Chef America, where American chefs Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, and Mario Batali go head-to-head with Iron Chefs Masaharu Morimoto and Hiroyuki Sakai? It's is wall-to-wall Iron Chef action, with episodes shown Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which has the Tag Team Finale that, in finale tradition, has an unexpected twist.

The Post talks to Bobby Flay, who Gothamist has hated with even more of a passion (we had a distinctly awful Mesa Grill experience in 1997, one that will never be erased from our memories) since his disrespectful behavior at the first Iron Chef challenge in 2000, when he stood on his cutting board at the makeshift Kitchen Stadium at Webster Hall to rally the crowd. The Iron Chefs were horrified. Flay lost that battle, but later won during a rematch in Tokyo - sympathy vote, we say.


Check out the unofficial fan sites, Iron Chef Compendium and Iron Fans. (For the record, Gothamist's favorite Iron Chef fan is the little kid from Arizona who flew to NY to see the Iron Chef Battle in 2000; he dressed up in a homemade Iron Chef Morimoto outfit. Chef Morimoto (of Nobu fame) has his own great website.) Seattle Times' writer Kay McFadden calls Iron Chef "food porn" and loves it.