GroundStone_M%26J.JPGWe all know about subway musicians, both those sanctioned by the MTA's Music Under New York program and those who are not officially sanctioned buskers who didn't go through the MTA's audition program.

Last week, Fox's The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet (Mondays-Fridays, 9:00 a.m. WNYW 5) launched a Subway Idol contest, complete with a great subway themed set, giving a bit of the American Idol treatment to some underground musicians for the next few Thursdays. For those of you who aren't home at the time the show is on, you can see the performances on the web and vote for your favorite until the field is pared down and winner is selected on May 23rd.

The competitors are:
From Times Square, the percussionist group Paliche which has sort of an African vibe to it.

Found at 49th Street on the Broadway BMT, Sonia and Larry who are reminiscent of Stomp with their use of buckets as a unique drum set.

The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn, a jazz ensemble found at Union Square made us think of an act that we would hear on A Prarie Home Companion.

Finally, from multiple locations underground, GroundStone an a cappella group that has a definite retro do wop feel to it.

Our money is on either The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn or GroundStone, but we are a bit biased against subway percussionists, since we tend to encounter them when we have headaches.

Photograph of GroundStone on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet by Startraks/Albert Ferreira