Recently Miss Heather spotted a poster for the upcoming Idiotarod, which reminded us we needed to decipher a few race-related emails we've received over the past week. The senders of the complex communications were named "Smarty Carty" and "Admiral Kenneth Loggins" (the former claiming to be a COBRA insider, the latter from Team Danger Zone).

Both stated that last year's winners, the aforementioned Team Danger Zone, have given up the rights to run the race. Allegedly previous race organizers COBRA awarded the Idiotarod to the team, and now the team has held a press conference saying they sold it to Corporation X in a move motivated by both altruism and greed.

There's also a Danger Zone website that's gone up, but we hear it's fake and meant "to mess with" the real Danger Zone. It's linked to via COBRA's site, which has in the past hosted Idiotarod details. Regardless of WTF all of this nonsense means, it looks like the race will go down on January 30th... and we're betting Danger Zone, in one form or another, will return with it. So get your shopping carts ready, idiots.