Photo by Tod Seelie

In search for a cure for the Winter Doldrums, the Department of Homeland Absurdity, in conjunction with IDIOT Labs, is gearing up for the return of the Idiotarod.

The race will take place on Saturday, January 24th, 2015, bringing "elaborately-themed, ridiculously-costumed teams to generally-deserted streets of New York City on what is nearly always the butt-blasting coldest day of the year."

For those not aware of the annual event (can you believe this is only the 11th one?), the race involves shopping carts, themes, and ideally some elaborate costume work. Also: jogging and booze. Awards are given for "originality, imagination and artistry as well as wacky hijinks, zany antics and unabashed bribery." There are basically no rules, but they do have a zero tolerance policy on food throwing and the like.

Today's press release regarding the event included this statement from Dr. Smith, Director of Communications for IDIOT Labs: “This year, our mission is to identify and isolate the precious qualities that enable this behavior in hopes that we can cure one of today’s most dire maladies: lack of a sense of humor."

Official information can be found here, and note: all teams must fill out the official racing registration and medical release form, available from The deadline is January 22nd, and the fee is $5. Don't expect the starting line to be announced until day-of, but you'll have until just before noon to get there.