Late last summer the iconic Hoboken rock club Maxwell's closed with a massive block party. At the time, co-owner Todd Abramson said they were priced out of the area, but didn't rule out re-opening in Jersey City. Meanwhile, the space went on the market... and it has now been sold.

According to, the new owners will keep the name, but change the business model. The live room—where you once saw bands like Nirvana, The Feelies, and Yo La Tengo—will now be renovated into a dining area. New owners Evan Dean and Pete Carr delivered some soul-crushing, cringe-worthy comments on their plans, stating, “Hoboken is changing, and it’s time for Maxwell’s to change. We want to be local, friendly, and affordable. You can’t help but notice all the baby strollers on Washington Street these days. Those young families need a comfortable place to have dinner." The duo will renovate and reopen the space as a family restaurant that specializes in thin-crust artisanal pizza.

They are open to the idea of live entertainment ("we'll see how it goes"), but don't expect this with your slice: