You know those green folding chairs in Bryant Park that, if you were so inclined, you could probably walk right out of there with? They're for sale!

According to the park's online shop, you can "bring home the most cherished and iconic element of Bryant Park, the signature bistro chair. Your Vintage Bryant Park Chair will be selected from the park’s collection of distinctive furniture, greatly coveted and used daily by Midtown professionals and Manhattan dwellers alike. Each steel-framed chair, fitted with wooden slats, is painted in our custom shade, 'Bryant Park Green.' Every chair is authentic, guaranteed to have been in the park for at least one year, and will bear distinctive wear patterns created by patron use and weather conditions."

How much would you pay for a chair that's been sat upon by a real life Midtown professional or Manhattan dweller? They're hoping $125 (which is much less than this replica). According to this website, William Hollingsworth Whyte revitalized Bryant Park, "and his love of easy, casual human use was exemplified in his insistence that there be movable chairs in the park." There are allegedly 3,000 of these green chairs in the park at any given time.