Don't call this generation disengaged with the problems facing society: a serious-minded group of Community fans plan to protest the show's network-imposed, indefinite hiatus in front of NBC's Rockefeller Center headquarters tomorrow. “It really hit a chord with me, it struck me as being very unfair that 25,000 Nielsen boxes could keep or kill this beautiful show,” one of the "organizers" of the flash mob tells the Daily News. Isn't an "organized flash mob" an oxymoron?

NBC hasn't cancelled the show, just removed it from the midseason schedule with the expectation that it will run again at some point. One fan had valuable advice for Community creator Dan Harmon on Twitter: "Have you considered being as funny as you were in the second season as a way to #savecommunity?" Harmon says he'll "sleep on it."

So if you care as much about a languishing television program as you do the languishing middle class, show up in front of Rockefeller Center tomorrow at 1 p.m. to sing songs and enact REAL CHANGE. We prefer getting gloriously soused with the creator of the slighted show at a bar in Brooklyn.