Have you ever wonder what would happen if dozens of hipster traps were airlifted to Berlin's hipster community and then someone decided to hold a Hipster Olympics to the music of "Yakety Sax"? Well, that was pretty much the scene yesterday—think events like "skinny jeans tug o' war," a “horn-rimmed glasses toss," "turning vinyl records," "bobbing for bubble tea pearls," and an "Apple product 'The Price is Right' game." And lots of hipster mustaches.

According to The Local, "The tongue-in-cheek event, held in eastern Berlin’s hip Friedrichshain district on Saturday, saw twelve teams of self-proclaimed hipsters compete in Olympic-style events - whilst at the same time attempting not to appear too keen... But being a hipster in Europe’s capital of cool is 'not all fun and games' warned games organiser Thomas Blockus, 27, in his opening speech to the crowd, there’s like, you know, politics and stuff? Blockus then proceeded to read out a 'Hipster Manifesto' of demands to Berlin city administration - more iPhone charging stations in U-bahn stations, a Club Mate fountain at Rosenthaler Platz in Mitte and more places where party goers can hang up their jute bags at the infamous Berghain Techno club."

And, per a Google translation of an article in Berliner Zeitunge, there are photographs of American hipster moments, with captions like "In American cities like New York hipsters are against establishment and crazy clothes. You can find hipsters in pubs and shops" and "Long brown beard? Bizarre and weird hobbies?" And, yes, there's a photograph of Hipster Cop Rick Lee, "He is a symbol of the hipster spirit in his hometown."

Here are some videos of the events:

Here's a pair of Hipster German rappers—check out the teamwork around the one-minute mark and then the Stormtrooper mask (sorry, spoiler!) at 1:50:

More tunes:

And more photos at Buzzfeed.